Lost Teeth was a play I could only write during the depths of Winter. I started it in January and would put it down again in April as the weather warmed up. This happened for about two years before I finally finished the first draft. It was a play I didn't actively dislike, but the process of writing it was very hard and because of that I felt kind of ambivalent about it. Glad to be rid of it when I finished it.

As I do with most plays I sent it to Kerry Kastin, my friend and producer of my play In Antarctica Where it is Very Warm. I didn't think much of it. I thought surely there were other plays of mine that were better/meant more. But this play resonated with her in a way that was totally unexpected and she rescued it from sitting in my drawer. When she said she wanted to produce it I didn't take her seriously, surely not this one. But she moved forward anyway, producing this play and knowing I would come around eventually.

And I did. 

The more she wrangled other people into this play, the more I saw the way it connected with actors and directors and designers I started to see it the way everyone else did. I lived in the play again and I remembered why I wanted to write it in the first place. 

now we have an amazing cast and crew and we're all set to open in DC on July 8th. It's been amazing journey falling in love with this play again and I am so excited to share it and I owe it all to Kerry Kastin.