And the only excuse I have is that Grad School has taken all my time. Which is no excuse as my classmate proceeded to blog every day for a month. It's an awesome blog and you should check it out here.  

Okay, so if grad school is taking all my time then what do I have to show for it? In straight numbers, 6 one-acts, 2 full-length plays in their first draft and 3 papers over ten pages. Which I'm pretty proud of for a semester and change. Beyond the numbers though I've learned a ton about theater history and read a bunch of plays I wouldn't have otherwise, with more to go.

Grad school has also allowed me to relax. There have been a mass of rejections coming in over the past few weeks from all the Fall opps I submitted to and they don't sting as hard. I know where I will be for the next year so anything else on top of that is just gravy. I'm not looking for the next step in my career because I'm currently experiencing a major one. And I have the work to show for it. I'm excited for the plays I've written but I also know there will be plenty more to come. 

I've never been much of a blogger, but I will try to share more of my day to day here. It wasn't one of my new year's resolutions but maybe it should have been. I also have some plans to post some essays here about what I've learned from the masters of playwriting. 

Stay tuned... 

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